Rybergsvej 1
5631 Ebberup
CVR 14252398
Tlf. +45 64 74 22 88
Fax +45 64 74 22 18 

Stenhuggaregatan 32
268 77 Kågeröd
CVR SE556775835301

Welcome to FIPROS A/S and FIPROS AB

We offer contract production of powdered and liquid foods.
Competitive prices and confidential treatment of our customers informations and recipes.

In 1992 the company started under the name DAN BLENDS A/S as contract producer of foods and pharmaceutical products. In spring 2009 we expanded our production by buying a plant in Kågeröd, Sweden.
“Exclusively Contract Work” we say, because we do not market any products and thus do not compete with our customers.
Today after many years with a steady growth and technical development FIPROS A/S concentrates on food and ingredients for food made to the specification of our customers.

FIPROS has 65 experienced employees. The factory is modern, automatic and mechanised with emphasis on food safety and high quality.
We started as a “family business” but after many years the ownership has been extended to some leading employees. Thereby we also aim to maintain an eager engagement and a strong, positive attitude to good service.

“Outsourcing” = contract work is increasingly popular as it supports flexibility for big and smaller producers alike.
The major group of customers are Scandinavian and Northern European producers of food.